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The things we do for Family

We’ve had a major change in our family. It happened suddenly and without warning. On July 5th, everything was copacetic. We had no idea what we would be deciding on July 6th. It was one of the hardest, yet easiest decisions we’ve ever had to make as a family. But we are at peace with our decision knowing it was the right one.

We no longer live on the homestead. BUT, before you give up hope, we want you to know that our plans for the homestead are still in place, just postponed. You see, we went to the Portland, OR area to visit family over the 4th of July weekend. The Hubby’s mom has some health issues which caused a decline in her health to a point which she now needs 24 hour care. In fact, she is currently in the hospital.


Princess Girl with her Bachan in the hospital

We were unaware of the extent to which Hubby’s dad was having to care for her and how worn out he was getting. Before we left to travel back to Nevada, it was decided that we would move up to the Northwest to help out in any way possible. We truly feel that God has directed our lives to be able to do this for our family. If we were still in our house downtown, it would have been a much harder decision, a lot longer process, and way more upset to the status quo. As it is, it was fairly easy to pack up our belongings and, with the help of our family and friends, batten down the hatches on the homestead, and head out in just under a week.


This plus the back half of our van is most of all of our personal belongings.

There is a saying in the Bible that says, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” (Proverbs 19:21) We thought we knew where our life was headed. We had it all planned out. But God had a different plan in store for us. And that’s ok.


So, here we are. Desert transplants in the steamy Pacific Northwest. What does this mean for Castle Rock Homestead? As I said before, our plans are just postponed. It’s looking like we will be here for at least a year, but we do plan to go back to Nevada and pick up where we left off. And actually, since our expenses here should be less than they were there, we should still be able to save money. So by the time we move back, we will be further along in that respect.

As for the blog, I still plan to write. I have a backlog of articles I have been meaning to get to about our goings on, but have been too busy to write. I also have a whole list of things to write about that don’t have to do with our homestead in particular, but rather homesteading in general. Also, my father-in-law has a garden in the backyard (albeit a tiny one), and we now live in the Pacific Northwest! Blackberry bushes are considered weeds around here. Weeds! Which produce fruit! The growing season here is not necessarily much longer, but decidedly milder, and having to water the garden is a once in a while occurrence. There are definitely some things I am going to enjoy about our sojourn here.


Everything is so GREEN!

I plan to do some canning, and I want to try my hand at soap making. You know, a few of the things that would have been harder to do on the homestead while focused on building a house. So I will keep up on the blog, hopefully more faithfully than I have been heretofore.

But I know you all understand. And I thank you for your continued support. We are going to miss the homestead while we are gone.


Our last sunset on the homestead for a while.

But are also looking forward to the adventure of living in the Pacific Northwest for the next little while.


My new breakfast spot. I will definitely enjoy the beauty around me.