Welcome to the Castle Rock Homestead website! In May of 2014 The Hubby and I (meet us and our family here) purchased 40 hilly acres in Northern Nevada to start our homestead. We moved into a 33 foot camping trailer with our two children while we saved money in order to build our house. You can read about the very beginning here. But just 2 short months later, we unexpectedly moved to the Portland, Oregon area to care for the Hubby’s ailing parents. Now we live in their house with them on a small urban lot, trying to adjust to our delayed dreams of the homestead.

Delayed but not forgotten. While we are here, we will take advantage of living in Hardiness zone 8 (nearly year-round gardening!), lots of rain (only have to water the garden 1 month out of the year!), and plenty of ingenuity (never thought I’d say this, but there’s too many trees, too much shade, no enough yard, hellloooo container gardening!). But we are not forgetting our homestead. We are hoping that by the Summer of 2016 we will be building our house in Nevada and get back to living our dream on the homestead (with the in-laws in tow). Now that the in-laws will be living with us permanently, we won’t be living in our cozy trailer, but at least the bigger dream is still in sight, if just a little further away.

So, for now, come along and join us as we discover what it’s like to have an Urban Homestead in the Pacific Northwest during our Portland Interlude.