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Oops :-/

To any of you who are subscribers and might have gotten an email for a post about MSG, I did not mean to post that. :-/ I am doing so research for a possible future post and accidently hit the publish button. Ahhh, the problems of using a smart phone :-). Anyway, sorry about that. Hopefully soon I will have my thoughts together enough on not only MSG, but other artificial food additives, to do a post, soon.


“I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth.” Ps 121:1-2

Chicken Run

If you follow us on facebook, you might have seen  a comment about our chickens. Yep, we have chickens again!

Actually, we have one of our old chickens back. When we moved up to Castle Rock, we gave our chickens to my parents since we were not prepared to have them on the homestead yet. The deal was that since they lived just a few miles away, they would still be partially our chickens, we still got eggs, Princess Girl cleaned the coop, and we’d care for them when Mom and Pops were out of town (which is often). And then we moved to Portland, OR unexpectedly.  And mom found another home for the chickens since they travel so much. When Princess Girl heard that her pet chicken, Scaredy, had been given away, she was very distraught. So, my mom called up the lady to whom she had given the chickens and asked for Scaredy back. The lady was very obliging, and when the girls and I were in Nevada recently, we picked up Scaredy and brought her back to Mom’s house. But you can’t have just one chicken. There’s some law against it, right? I mean, they are social creatures. It was just sad to see her all alone in the run. So, we found another hen on Craigslist. The owner assured me that she’s only 3 years old and is still laying, but we have yet to get an egg out of her. But, hey, she was cheap and is providing good company for Scaredy.


She is a White Leghorn and of course Princess Girl named her Snow (and Flower Girl calls her “No-man” 🙂 ). After a very brief period of deciding who rules the roost, they are now devoted sisters. So much so that on the 13 hour drive home, there wasn’t a single squable out of them.

So anyway, I brought two chickens back from Nevada with me. And we had no place to put them. We had discused the possibility of chickens with the in-laws, but it was still hypothetical. Until suddenly it wasn’t. Well, we found a box they could roost and nest in and they ran about in the back yard for a few days as we decided the best place to put them. What better use of a small (and I mean tiny) unused side yard than as a chicken run?


I found some free wood in the form of fence panels on Freecycle. We decided to use that wood to build the chicken run.


With a little bit of work, we had a pile of wood to use for various projects.


We got some half rolls of chicken wire given to us (my parents are amazing like that!) and we used that and the fence wood to put up the supports to enclose the run.


The Princess even put a few staples in. And yes, I realized after taking the pictures that she didn’t have on proper safety gear. We put up the tarp because…well…because we live in the Pacific Northwest and don’t want our chickens cold and wet ALL the time! The tarp gives their run a dry area which they can hang out in.

We got one door (which we built out of fence wood and chicken wire) put on this evening but still need to hang the other (which was a screen door for a sliding glass door). We’re pretty proud of the fact that other than the nails and staples, we didn’t have to buy anything for the run. Tomorrow I finish closing up a few more holes with chicken wire, then we need to build them a proper roost. Right now, we just have one box which they roost and nest in. Not ideal.

At any rate, that’s our current goings-on. I’ll try to  post some more pictures of the run and coop as we finish it.

Oh, and here’s a picture of The Princess and her latest fire she and her daddy made using a magnesium rod fire starter. They report that those things are hard to use!


Part of Princess’ schooling is taught by her daddy and is all about outdoor skills. Sure, we may live on a tiny lot in the middle of suburbia, but eventually we’ll be back on the homestead and she will need those skills then, if not before. Besides, they are just good, basic skills to have.

What skills do you think every kid should learn as they grow up?


“I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth.” Ps 121:1-2

The Family

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote. Sorry about that. With the move and settling in to our new place, it was just easier to post pics, etc to Facebook than to create posts on this blog (you are a fan on Facebook, right?). But I am committed to doing a better job with blogging. Anyway, here’s one of the posts I’ve been meaning to do since before we moved. So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce…My Family.

It’s a bit late since you’ve already seen them in posts, but I want to take this time to introduce you to my wonderful family (which at the moment includes my wonderful hubby and children, my loving in-laws, and a tiny Chihuahua with a big personality.)

My husband (aka “The Hubby”)


I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful man as my life partner. He is caring, sensitive, and loving.

Joe (3)

He is funny and adventurous and responsible.

Joe (5)

He is a wonderful father to our two girls. He plays with them, teaches them, and listens to them.

Joe (2)

Photo: JKH Phtography 2012

And a 98% awesome husband to me (a Facebook quiz told me so!).

Joe (4)

My eldest child (aka “Princess Girl”)

What can I say about Princess Girl without sounding like I’m bragging? Not much. I happen to think she’s pretty amazing! Mommy’s helper, Sushi lover, outdoor girl, a princess but not a diva, responsible, hard working, smart, creative, even tempered, and loving. Yeah, she’s not perfect, she still gets in trouble (she is only 8 afterall), but she’s amazing nontheless.


Mommy’s Helper

Princess (11)

Lover of sushi (especially salmon eggs – ewww, how can she stand to eat fish bait??)

Princess (2)

Her first fire she made all by herself before we had to leave the homestead.

Princess (8)

She is such a good helper that sometimes I have to remind myself to leave her be to do her school work or just be a kid 🙂

Princess (12)

My beautiful Princess Girl

Princess (10)

First time alone behind the wheel this last weekend as we visited the homestead.

Princess (9)

From digging in the sand to doing ballet on the beach, that’s my girl.

Princess (5)

A true princess is kind, generous, responsible, and smart. No wonder we call her Princess Girl 🙂

Princess (1)

First day of 4th grade – she’s growing up so quickly!

My younger child (aka “Flower Girl”)

It took 7 long years for our longing for another child to be fulfilled. Flower Girl’s adoption was a dream come true and we are extremely blessed to be called her parents. At not-quite-two years old, she is full of life and spunk. She will try almost anything new (except food!), is very independent, gives the best kisses and hugs, and is just a joy to watch. She also doesn’t let much stand in her way. Though she has a temper, she is learning obedience and I have hopes that the “two’s” won’t be too terrible. She loves animals, especially “sorseys” (aka horses), and has an amazing ability to pick up on and mimic conversations. It is such a pleasure to watch her learn and grow.

Flower (11)

This girl loves MEAT! That’s about the only food she’ll consistently eat. And that’s fine by me!

Flower (8)

She loves “helping” and doing everything that Mommy and Sissy are doing. She quickly learned how to pick blackberries without getting poked. How many 21 month olds could do that? 🙂

Flower (6)

OMGosh! This girl and dirt! She loves playing in it.

Flower (5)

Even a broken leg couldn’t keep her down for very long. By the time she got it off after a month, she had been running on it for two weeks straight!

Flower (10)

She finally learned how to “blow” and I foresee a fun birthday this year.

Flower (4)

I was so sad when we had to move and couldn’t take our chickens with us. Flower Girl was too, she loves “chichins”.

Flower (3)

Not afraid of creepy-crawlies. She is enthralled with lizards and all kinds of bugs. (Not so fun when she hands you something and when it drops into your hand you see that it is a live ant!)

Flower (1)

As I said, she loves to help. Here she is helping her grandpa with the trimming. Look at her face!


Even though they are 7 years apart in age, the two girls love each other and playing together.

Both (2)

Princess Girl is an awesome big sister to whom Flower Girl already looks up to with adoration.

The In-Laws (aka “Bachan” and “Pagee” or “Mom and Dad”)

So, my in-laws are really great. And I’m not just saying that because they might read this post. They probably won’t ever see it since they are not on the internet very often. They really are some of the best in-laws I could ever hope for. Though leaving Nevada has proven to be one of the hardest things we’ve ever done, it has been a pleasure to be able to help and serve these two wonderful people.


Mom and Dad’s 40th anniversary

The Pooch (aka “Scooter”)

One of the harder aspects of leaving the homestead was knowing we couldn’t bring our dog, Obsidian, with us. But a big black Lab and a tiny yard and a small house with white carpets just don’t mix. So, we found him a good home with friends and hope to get him back when we move home. But, I guess God decided we still needed a dog in our lives, because only about a week after moving up to Oregon, this little girl followed us home one day. We put up fliers, posted her in the found dogs at the local shelter, and checked the missing dogs posts every day. No one ever claimed her. And so, with us she will stay. Not sure what we’ll do once we move back to the homestead, but as tiny as she is, she’ll probably just live in the trailer with us (Obsidian was strictly and outside dog because he was so huge, the trailer so small, and we didn’t want him tracking in dirt).


She’s a teeny, tiny little thing, and I love that her ears droop. So cute!

Scooter (2)

We’ll definitely need to get her some sweaters for winter, she’s always seeking out the sun for warmth. Hmmm…maybe she’s part cat?

Scooter (1)

See, itty, bitty

Scooter (3)

Love this one. The hubs passed out for a nap and Scooter made herself at home. She is definitely a cuddler!

So, there you have it. That’s my family. I think they are pretty awesome. God has blessed me so very much!

UPDATE: In September of 2015, we brought another family member home from Nevada with us. We now have two dogs!

Obsidian is a black lab whom we’ve had since he was 7 weeks old. He spent a year with some friends in Nevada while we adjusted to living in Oregon.


Such a handsome boy!

But now he lives with us. He was the piece of our family that was missing, and now he’s back where he belongs.


So glad to have him with us again!

Yes, it’s challenging having a large dog on a tiny city lot (his poops are ginormous!) but it’s not as bad as it would have been a couple years ago when he was much more rambunctious. At 7 years old, he’s now older than we are (in dog years, of course). Though as a lab, he’ll never grow out of his goofiness, I don’t think. 🙂