Daily Life #10 – Failure #2 and forgiveness

I was such a failure today. Oh, not at the homesteading lifestyle. No, I actually worked on the candle wicks some more today. And I worked on tweaking some things on this blog. Ran a couple errands. And did the usual taking care and feeding the family.

No, it was much more of a personal failure.

I blew up.

Doors were slammed. Voices were raised. Tears were shed.

It wasn’t pretty. And I’m ashamed to admit it.

Apologies have been made and forgiveness given, but I find that I just don’t have the energy to do much else today.

And that’s life. No one is perfect. I am definitely far from it.

I am a work in progress and I am thankful not only for my family’s but also God’s forgiveness. It’s been many months since I’ve felt this low, so I guess Iย am doing better.

But for tonight, I’m going to bed. Tomorrow will be a better day. I just know it.

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About Maridy

Hi, I'm Maridy. Me and my husband and two girls (age 11 and 4), along with a tiny dog and a huge dog currently live in a 33ft trailer while we build our house on on our homestead property in Northern Nevada (Castle Rock Homestead). My father-in-law also lives with us on the property in his own trailer, and we have chickens and rabbits as our first homestead animals. Join us on our journey to building our high desert homestead from the ground up!

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