Spring weather on the Homestead

We traveled to Nevada at the end of March and while we spent most of the time at my mom’s house, we did get to spend some time up on the homestead.



This is the main reason that we decided not to stay in the trailer while we were there. It snowed on us!


But the girls and I went up to check on the homestead anyway. And had a bit of fun while we were at it.


And three days later, nearly all the snow is gone. We decided to try “witching” for water in other places around the house pad to accommodate the change in location of the septic system.


This is “Ahma” (my mom) using the copper rods. It’s amazing how they really do react when near water.


Flower Girl loves trying new things and having “pickmicks”


Yeah, three days ago and now it’s warm enough to play in the water. That’s spring in Nevada for you!


Our little “lion” in her cage.



And look what we found while rummaging around in our log piles (placed there back when my parents owned this property and tore down an old barn).



Y’all remember my post about the logs right?


And here I have some sitting right there on the property just waiting for me!

Oh, the possibilities!


2 thoughts on “Spring weather on the Homestead

  1. Vickie

    Hmmm… what ARE you going to do with those logs? Looks like you are getting the same type of weather we have been getting: sunny one day and snowing the next! Ah well, at least it makes life a little less tedius!


    1. Maridy Post author

      We have not decided! There are so many ideas running around in my head of how to use those logs! The possibilities are exciting. However, I could use a little bit more tedium on the homestead right now. At least where the weather is concerned! According to the extended forecast, we’ll be moving in the rain. I guess Nevada is just gearing up to make sure my in-laws (25 year residents of the Pacific Northwest) feel right at home! 😉



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