Daily life #5 – Free Stuff and Crystals

I got to sleep in this morning! It was heavenly! And needed after several nights in a row of poor sleep due to not feeling well.

By the time I ate breakfast and finished my journal entry (which I started yesterday morning), showered and dressed, etc, it was time to take Scooter to the vet and do a bit of shopping. Later in the afternoon, I met a lady and took a floor mat she no longer wanted off her hands.


Don't you just love my thrift store desk chair?

I love Freecycle! That or the free section on craigslist. I know there are even more free trading/swapping site out there. Have you ever used any? I highly recommend it. Not only is it a great way to find items you might need without having to buy new, but it’s a great way to get rid of items you know have a use, you just no longer want them. We’ve gotten quite a bit of good quality wood which we’ve used for several projects around the house.

And today I got a floor mat. I seriously would have bought one had I run across it on a store. And here I got it for free! (Well, I guess I had to spend a bit of money in gas to get it, but she lives near me, so it was minimal.)

This afternoon, I also checked on my wicks which had been soaking for 24 hours as the instructions said.

And I found this:


The solution had crystallized! Weird, but cool. Not sure what happened. But I saw other instructions which said to soak for only 20 minutes. So I soaked another section of string for about an hour and it is drying right now. I left the crystal solution in there to see what it does if I leave it longer.

I plan to also try a few other options I have heard about and see what all makes a difference.

After dinner, I sat down with my garden journal and started planning my 2016 garden. As I said in my New Year post, I’m not going to be as ambitious this year, but I still want it to be organized. Basically. I was looking for what can be planted in a small space that either yields a lot on one plant (ie, a tomato plant), or is small enough that you can plant a lot in a small place (like lettuce). And of course it needs to be something we actually eat. And something I don’t have to tend to a lot.

When I have the finalized plan I will share it with you.


“I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121

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4 thoughts on “Daily life #5 – Free Stuff and Crystals

  1. Helen

    I agree that sites like Freecycle are great. I’ve had quite a few things from one I use (UK) called Freegle. I’ve not had so much luck in giving things away, except when someone has made a request which I can fulfil.

    What are you making, by the way, that created the crystals?


    1. Maridy Post author

      Hi Helen, thanks for commenting! I am experimenting with making candles from scratch, which means starting with untreated cotton twine for the wicks. One of my sources said to soak the string in a borax and salt water solution for 24 hours. That’s when the crystals formed.


      1. Helen

        Well, good luck. I have been keeping wax from cheese and one day might try making candles.

        I don’t know why you need to soak the wick but hope it works out for you.


  2. Maridy Post author

    Supposedly because without some sort of treatment, the wick will just burn out. I’m gonna experiment! I’m going to use wicks pre-treated in several different ways as well as un-treated and see what happens. šŸ™‚



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