Garden beds

In February, we had a run of really nice weather and it got us itching for spring. Pajii in particular is really missing being able to garden. His garden up in Oregon, though small, was prolific and beautiful.

Pajii’s garden in Oregon – 2014

So, since we couldn’t work on the house (still waiting on our contractor to finish the walls and roof), and we had such nice weather, I decided to knock together some raised garden beds for Pajii to work in come spring.

I decided to use our wood left overs from the concrete forms for the house foundation.

This is only some of the wood we reclaimed from our forms for the foundation.

I measured and cut and organized and got all the pieces sized and ready to assemble.

A lot of the 3/4″ scrap plywood was 8 or 16 inches wide. This made it easy to figure out how tall I wanted the beds to be.

I started by attaching my side panels to the corner 2×4 posts which I cut to be twice the height of the panel. Since I wanted to use as much of the smaller wood scraps as possible and leave larger pieces for future projects, I had to make a couple 16″ panels out of two 8″ panels as you can see in the following pictures.

Attaching a panel to the corner post

I used 1⅝” deck screws to attach the 3/4” plywood to the 2×4 posts.

Joining two 8″ panels together to make a 16″ panel.

One side ready for assembly

Once I had all four sides ready for assembly, I started screwing them together.

Clamps are your friend when working solo.

One box almost finished.

This box is almost finished. Just needs some strengthening 2×4’s around the top edge.

One of the boxes we made a trapezoid (an isosceles trapezoid to be precise πŸ˜‰) to work in with the shape of the garden a bit better. You can see in the pic below where Princess Girl is helping me put on the strengthening rim boards around the top of the box. I used 3″ deck screws too attach these boards to the corner posts.

Finally got some human help. 😁

We also attached the plywood to the rim boards with 1⅝” deck screws.

Princess Girl gets some more screw gun practice.

Pajii and the Princess with a finished box.

Time to move.

Once we got the boxes put into place, Flower Girl’s chicken, Leilani, had to come check them out.

All 4 boxes in position.

We made 4 boxes total. Three of them are 3ft by 6ft and the fourth one is a trapezoid that is 5ft x 3ft x 2ft, if that makes sense. All of the boxes are 16 inches tall with 32 inch corner posts. The corner posts are taller in order to easily attach clear plastic to make a cold frame in early spring, or more likely, netting to keep the squirrels and other pests out.

I really like how these boxes turned out. I love that everything used to make them, including the screws, is reclaimed materials that were used to make the foundation of our house.

We have not filled them with soil yet since winter returned just a couple of days after we finished them. Soon, though, we’ll go get some soil and not too long after that, Pajii will be able to keep busy growing us some fresh veggies. I can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Garden beds

  1. toni

    I love this and I’m sure your dad in law is grateful, like the old saying “when you plant a garden then there is hope for tomorrow”


    1. Maridy Post author

      Thanks Toni. I know he was going stir crazy with the nice weather and nothing much to do. This will give him a project to work on that will keep him happy when the weather turns nice again.


  2. Vickie

    Those boxes look great! I just love “shopping” for vegetables in my own garden, so we are anxiously awaiting spring also! I will be planting a small garden this year as we will be busy building the house, but I will still have the usuals…beans, peppers, tomatoes and squash. I assume you got pretty much the same storms we got. Last Friday and Saturday we got dumped on with snow. It was gorgeous but ccccccccold! My blog got hacked a couple of weeks ago, and I am still trying to decide whether to rescue it or not. So far, nothing has happened to it, so I have hope that I will somehow get it back.


    1. Maridy Post author

      Oh no, sorry to hear about the blog hacking. That sucks. And yeah, we got quite a bit of snow the last couple of weeks with some pretty cold temps. But nice and sunny right now. 😁 Looking forward to some warmer weather this week, even though there’s rain in the forecast, the temps are warmer. I hope everything is ok with your blog. Can’t wait till we can both get back to building again!


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